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Handongian Story
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- This is a bulletin where you can meet Handongian who came from various countries.
    Handongian Story
Learning is more than books
By Zachary & Tian Che
My Handong story
By Victor Diaz
Victor with his friends (photo provided by H-milan club site)
[Handong Today] My precious experience
By Sehrin Kang
Sehrin with her friends during her exchange program (Photo provided by Sehrin Kang)
[Handong Today] The best choice in my life
By Su Yen Jin
Jin, with other exchange students (Photo provided by Su Yen Jin)
[Handong Today] A letter from YUST
By Young Sun Park
Young Sun Park posing in the middle of the front row with her freinds from YUST
[Handong Today] Handong, the university halfway around the globe
By Travis Eliason
Travis Eliason in the far middle with team mates posing after membership training
[Handong Today] Love for the Nations
By Hannah E. Rogers
Hannah Rogers posing with her newly made friends at Handong Global University.
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