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 [Handong Today] Pastor's Note
by Paster David Beckett
from Handong Today vol.4

     Recently, I had the honor of spending time with a man considered very successful in the eyes of many. Though his voice thundered with authority and confidence his words and his wisdom seemed to be a sharp contrast to his impressive presence. This great man clearly saw his own life and work in a much more humble light than those of us who looked up to him. Instead of successful strategies and personal glories he kept talking about the importance of being small before a great God. What did he mean “we need to be small”? He used the biblical story of David, the young shepherd boy, eighth among his brothers, to make his point.

     We first need to be small in our opinion of ourselves. To have a grand opinion of your own strengths and successes is small indeed, because it’s you adoring yourself, a lone giant in the land of little people. The sadness of this self delusion is that God opposes the proud and the greater the pride the harder the fall. Interestingly, David trusted his insignificance and youth to God’s greatness and became the mighty arm of God. The humiliating fall of the self deluded giant to a small boy with a rock and sling is recorded in I Samuel chapter 17. The greater story though is God’s glory displayed through the simple consistent faithful life of the small shepherd boy David.

     Second, we need to be small in the focus of our labor. The young shepherd boy exercised his skill with rock and sling day after day on the rocky hills of Judea protecting his earthly father’s small flock of sheep and learning to trust his heavenly father. Though his wildest dreams could not imagine conquering giants or ruling kingdoms, his faithful daily leading of sheep to green pastures and pure waters while fending off predators would be used by God for ever greater purposes. He who was faithful with a little was given ever larger flocks to care for and defend.

     In the end, I’s your God that makes all the difference in life. If your faith falls on your own strengths and successes your greatest achievements in this life will come to a bitter end. But the one who looks to heaven and serves a greater purpose will celebrate his small role in a grand and everlasting kingdom.

     If you desire to succeed at HGU and is life, think of yourself as small, be focused and faithful with your duties and serve a great God.

     My name is David Beckett. As a member of the chaplain team on the campus of HGU. I welcome the new students on campus. May God bless your time in this place. Please know that I am on campus for you. Want to talk or share your burden, or have someone pray for you, drop by my office in the Library UL411 or text me 010-2028-7794 for a meeting time.

By Paster David Beckett

source : www.handongtoday.com

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