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 [Handong Today] Bring life to barren soil
by Professor Roy W. Henk
from Handong Today vol.6

    As Handongians, we may have seen the little garden on Cosmos Field which Professor Roy Henk has raised several organic plants and vegetables for four years to make the school beautiful and fruitful. He believes that taking care of a small garden gives good lessons of life and reflects the issues that all people face in everyday work and life.


    King Solomon wrote:”After all, a king who cultivates the field is an advantage to the land.”(Ecclesiastes 5:9) Quoting this parable from the Bible, he emphasized that farming is helpful for attainting life lessons and patience that creates a good leader.


    Unfortunately, many students are unfamiliar with the garden and even walk on it.”I knew about the garden only recently, but I love the place. It makes the school environmentally friendly and I am proud of the professor who can be a role model of patience and diligence,” said Yo Han Cho. (Management & Computer Science, ’02)


    On the other hand, some have different opinion. “I know that professor Henk has cultivated the garden for several years, but our welfare department has not authorized him to use ground privately. The little garden is blocking out some landscaping plans of the school.” said Jeong Ouk Park (The chief of the welfare department)


    For this matter, Professor Henk also made his position. ”I think there have been some miscommunications between the department and me. If the school requests to move my garden, I shall do. The university has full rights on their own property.”


    Despite this matter, he really enjoys farming and gets pleasure from it. “I do hope Handongians are inspired to try to nurture a garden of their own. It is really fun and delicious work!” say Professor Henk.


source : www.handongtoday.com

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