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 Title |  Recruitment of the 3rd Handong Faculty Learning Group
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:03 pm
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Recruitment of the 3rd Handong Faculty Learning Group

(Small-Group for Education Research)


Dear Professors,

We have good news for busy professors dedicated to education research theses in their fields.

We, at Handong Education Development Center (HEDC), are recruiting the 3rd Handong Faculty Learning Group (a small-group for education research).

We cordially invite you to participate in our education research program and hope that it will be a valuable opportunity for you.

Thank you.

Information on the Handong Faculty Learning Group


Research and development of education research through small-group meetings


Full-time professors (3-5 people per team) / 4 teams

Number of meetings

At least 4 times per semester

How to apply

Fill out an application, research proposal, and budget plan (attached files)

Contact: Sunghee Chung / sunghee@handong.edu


Maximum 1,500,000 won per team

Final Product

An education research report

Screening Criteria

1.     Research topics or teams that are supported by other programs will be ruled out

2.     Small group composed with members from different schools will be given a preference

3.     One team per a school

4.     Possibility of the application of the research topic and results to the Handong Education Development

5.     The teams that has been selected will be excluded


Application to be submitted by Sep 23, 2011

Screening Sep 26 - 28, 2011

Small Group Meeting Sep 29 - Dec 15, 2100

Final report due Dec 16, 2011


2011 2nd & 3rd The Faculty Learning Group teams Presentation

Dec 16, 2011


For questions and submitting applications, contact

Researcher, Sunghee Chung (sunghee@handong.edu / 054-260-1445)

 The “Handong Faculty Learning Group” is one of the ACE Teaching-Learning Support System Programs.

2011 application, research proposal, budget plan.docx
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